Switching the focus…

Big News. No Kona Ironman (this year) for Rae.

Ben’s still committed as ever – and already looking strong ( go Ben go!).

However, I am redirecting my focus.

After a talk with my new found coach Jenny Lagerquist (and a little guidance from the ever watchful Mike Bastoni) it became clear that to make the most of my body and self right now my focus needs to be the International distance, Olympic distance:

1500m swim

24.8 mile bike

6.2 mile run

Coach says I’m still young in my training years, and I can feel that. As I watched Ben bounce back like rubber from Honu, I felt myself adjusting a little more slowly. Ben’s been at this game a while longer than I have and it shows.

It’s not just the race – it’s the training. The day in day out volume of training is big – something to ease into. So, we just start smaller. Goal: get speedy while I can – perhaps get a taste of the ITU circuit.

Then, when my body has learned more (and my mind) – transition to long course racing.

I’m excited.This will pose new challenges and (I feel strongly) will set me up better for the long run (literally ;-). I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how it goes.

I will race Kona. When the time comes.

❤ Rae


In the between…

Rest. Reflection. New plans of action.

Easy swims and light spins have followed in the days after Honu. With this rest and rejuvenation comes reflection:

What could I have done better? How will I better prepare next time? What went wrong? What went right?

In preparation for Kona I will need to have a greater awareness of my nutrition. The last miles of the Honu course I bonked, quite hard. Not enough calories on the bike followed by limited calories on the run. It was part fear of causing intestinal distress and part lack of attention. I was swept up in the run, the wind, the course, too much so to listen to the signals that the tank was low and when it hit, it was too late. I can’t afford that during the marathon in Kona. I’ve got some ideas though.

It’s incredible to watch Ben prepare and evaluate his training methods for what will be his 3rd Ironman. He knows what to expect, he has posted clear goals and I know he will give his all to achieve them.

For me, it’s about keeping it in perspective.  This is my first go round, first Kona, first full Ironman.  With only one 70.3 under my belt my goal must remain to finish. It’s hard though, I get excited, I get competitive. I feel my potential and desire and I want to have the experience and body of a seasoned vet and I want it all to happen fast for fear of it not happening at all.

But fear never gets you anywhere good, clinging, rushing, pushing, its insecurity bubbling out. Patience and receptivity to growth is what I need to embrace in these coming months.  The future will get here. In the meantime, my challenge is to respect where I am, to not lose sight of where I want to be, and to blaze the trail to get there.

…In other news Ben and I may be welcoming a new addition to the family…No, no babies….for now though just keep the fingers crossed…


Kona bound…


Amazing photos compliments of Colin Cross

Races are not always perfect. You spend months preparing your mind, your body, your heart, for one day and the day could bring anything. Honu this year brought conditions reported to be the worst seen on course. There were runaway buoys, white knuckle grips on the bike, and head on collisions with stiff wind during the run.

Despite the brutal course and conditions records were set. Goals were achieved.


Ben won his age group (25-29) in a time of 4:26, securing his Kona slot – an incredible performance and I am so happy for him!

I completed my first 70.3 and am proud of my performance (for those interested results can be found here). I have more to learn, more to improve upon, and more to look forward to but for now I am absorbing an incredible experience and a performance that also landed me a slot for Kona.

Kona will be my first Ironman (how cool!). I am honored to have a chance to compete. There are more long days ahead to prepare my body for the event but my heart and mind are ready to give it my all.

To all my family and friends who journey through this life with me: Thank you again for your love, support, and belief, I am so grateful.

To Ben: I love you and I could wish for no better person to share this life with. I look forward to our journey to Kona