The Adamo and The Avocado…

Sunday = long ride.

I’ve been itching to try the Adamo TT ISM saddle since Ben brought one home from IT&B.

Nothing is flat out wrong with my Selle SMP Glider but after seeing the wide support area of the Adamo I was left with a nagging thought…how much more comfortable could it be?

So for Sunday’s long ride I stuck one on…


And there it still sits.

Adamo = keeper

The Adamo supported both sides of my body equally and completely. I was able to relax more while descending and get more access to my right leg through the full pedal stroke.

The Selle SMP (I also have a Selle SMP Evolution on my road bike – you can see it in the above pic) is an incredible saddle but for the TT position the Adamo is superior. The Selle’s rails were just a little to narrow – I felt like both sit bones were never quite equally supported. My right leg took the brunt of this imbalance and it would leave me feeling slightly off-keel towards the end of long rides.

Today my body took great pleasure in the entire ride and right leg came home happy and stronger for it. Yay!

Also during the ride I came across one of my favorite things…


A beautiful specimen.

A perfect post ride snack.


The avocado on that toast came from the store – my find needs a day or two to reach perfection.

Many thanks to IT&B – wouldn’t be riding the Adamo with out you!

Happy eating
Happy training



A 5k…

Wahiawa in early morning light I
take flight
take feet to the street.


Coach asked me to do this 5k all the way in Wahiawa. With little background info on the race I showed up simply to set my baseline for training and in the process came to find that Surfing The Nations puts on an incredible 5k.

Numbers were small. It was the race’s first year. But the support was HUGE! The course was well marked – mile markers were dead on – the crew was lively and fun! They even had Jamba Juice smoothies at the end!

As for my race – it went well. I played it like coach asked and ended up running my fastest 5k time to date.

A good baseline has been set.

Many thanks to Scott for the ride, candid photos, and the laughs.


-A happy Rae