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Bits of the race and our trip, compliments of Patrice…USAT3 el_gato


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Worlds away…


That’s the finish of the race.

It was a great experience to travel and race at such a large event. I got some good licks on the swim – it opened my eyes to a new (and brutal) level of competition. One that I’m sure has only made me more aware and stronger. I loved the bike and made up most of my time there. And for the first time I popped out a decent run. Yay.

Ben really helped me wrap my head around things with a few simple but thoughtful words. He is in Hawaii and I miss him deeply. I carried his words with me and they reverberated in my mind throughout the race – keeping things in check and inline with the plan.


It truly was a large event.

Though, amongst the crowds, I found some of the Pacific Velo crew.


Proud to be part of such a talented team and happy to find them worlds away from home.

After the awards, a good dinner and good sleep, my father, Patrice (his girlfriend) and I packed up and headed out to some good old Vermont swimming holes…


In Vermont the swimming water is actually ice bath water.



The next step is figuring out how to fund the trip to worlds in London. A whole new set of obstacles is presented by this challenge. It’s left me feeling excited and uncertain. Though one thing is clear: Being worlds away from Ben means being worlds away from home.


It’s stunning. A wonderful place to hold a race.


(John I bring the Planet Sun sleeves everywhere with me.)

Rolling hills, short steep inclines, and some goodstraightaways are found over the 40k bike course. It’s visually pleasing when you are cruising it. Gorgeous houses and old farms stand bold in bright sunlight, echoing of past years. A type of beauty farm from what I am used to. There will certainly be no Honu spotting on the swim course.

But the lake too has its own beauty.
More so when you are looking at it than in it.


I tried out my new Xterra wetsuit today. It’s a sleeveless Vector Pro – I could swim in the Atlantic with that thing and not get cold. This will be my first race with a wetsuit.  The water in the lake is warm too – enough so that it may be more appropriate for the thinner speedsuit.

Many new challenges are posed by this race. Even a new strategy – one that involves a deep focus on the run that I’ve never given it (the run course starts you off on a stellar hill but after that it’s relatively smooth sailing).

I’m stoked. Stoked to bring the knowledge and strength gained from training and racing with my Oahu Oahna here to the mainland to play with new girls (I’ll need every last bit of it). Stoked to be working with Jenny Lagerquist  who has got my seeing new possibilities. And so STOKED to be sharing this adventure with my father. He’s such a fun dude.

We found snow…


a funky chocolate shop…

IMG_7924 IMG_7926

and a crazy tasty crepe shop where I devoured a chickpea flower crepe shell stuffed with sautéed mushrooms, spinach, onions, red pepper, and saitan! YUM.

So all is well in Burlington, soaking up the love and getting ready to bring it.

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