My friends are rock stars…

The crew! Everyone in the photo won their age group! 

What an incredible group of friends. What a great race.

The Kukio Blue Water swim is everything it’s cracked up to be. A fun race, live entertainment, GOOOOD FOOD…lots of Aloha. But then again the Big Island is always filled with Aloha…


Like that lady hugging me – the woman who pretty much taught me how to swim. Britt and I met at UH masters and have been buddies ever since we jumped in the lane together – Noon workouts, early mornings and ocean swims strengthened our bond – there’s nothing quite like sports to bond a relationship.

Speaking of relationships – Ben will be flying in from Oahu Monday. I’m so excited to watch him race and just take in the scene.

Fingers crossed he stays safe and healthy – only a week to go!