Here is an article published in the NY Times, you may have already come across it, if not, it’s worth a read.

Jornet is an outlier in all realms and he makes me delight in the idea that there really is something to be said for stopping to smell the roses.

The article on Jornet juxtaposed with Dr. Joe Vigil’s Achievement Triangle  makes me think two things:

1. I can not wait to live and train at altitude
2. There is beauty in pain

Let me elaborate on number 2…

Jurnet stops to eat berries and take in sunrises, Dr. Vigil tells us the great ones get comfortable with being uncomfortable…is that where Jurnet feels most at home, so much so he chooses movement over sleep or food?

There is something to pushing yourself to the height of your physical capabilities – an awareness that comes with finding the edge. For some (like Jornet) it may come mid experience or perhaps never leave. For others the awareness follows like an afterglow. Regardless of how the experience of finding your edge manifests – there is a deep truth that comes with performing their because there is no faking it.
You can’t bluff the sweat and blood pumping through your system. It’s real. It’s truth. And perhaps I am taking this too far but I believe there is unequaled beauty in truth.

So in the midst of your highest heart rates, your lactic thresholds, while braving fatigue…can you find peace? Can you embrace your edge a dance with discomfort? Can you stop, if just for a split second, to remark on the beauty of the sunrise?

I am



Just wanted to let you know…

Winter has hopefully raged its final war.
We were hit yet again yesterday with a bout of snow and freezing rain – MY FAVORITE!
The crops were tucked aside, back on went the bundle up gear and back out I went to battle the elements on a long run for hopefully the final time.
Since arriving in this frigid environment, I’ve done every run outside (USPS would be proud). I’d tally the number of snow storms but at this point there’s been so many I’m just going to go by feel…

Winter: 0
Rae: 5,000


But really i just wanted to let you know…..


It’s officially spring time!


❤ Rae

Self expectations, excuses, patience…


verb |ikˈskyoōz| [ trans. ]1attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify.

noun |ikˈskyoōs| 1. a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense.

ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French escuser (verb), from Latin excusare ‘to free from blame,’ from ex- ‘out’ + causa ‘accusation, cause.’


Today I raced the Marshfield 5kIMG_0639 That’s me. The red sunglasses.

That’s the sea of over 3,000 participants…IMG_0637

It was so cool!
Cold actually.
30 degrees at the start of the race – but you can see we had sun!

I ran it well.
I raced it.
I fought and was sick at the end (love love love 5ks). But I didn’t hit my secret goal time This was upsetting.

I started to rattle off why – “..not used to racing in the cold…no speed work…in the middle of hard training week…cold..” then I was ashamed. They were all just excuses –yuck!

But, after looking at the definition of excuse (above)- “…attempt to lessen blame… defend or justify a fault…” – I wondered, what am I trying to justify or defend?  The answer is plain: I’m really making excuses for my expectation.

Self expectation is important.
Self expectation set to defy the reality of where you’re at is painful.
Respect where you are at. Respect your desires to dream big but set a realistic plan to realize and achieve those aspirations. Follow the plan, refer to the plan, adapt the plan when necessary, trust your plan – trust yourself.
Lastly, have patience with your plan and self.

Brick by brick
Day by day
Effort by effort
We build.
We progress.

I write this to you not to preach (no!) but for my own mental clarity. For my problem is not dedication, it is not hard work, it is patience. 

Today I set expectations outside my plan because I am impatient.

Stepping back to look at the importance of this race, the timing of it in my plan to all those big dreams, I find peace.

I am right on track.

For the time you have taken to read this,
I am grateful.



Is it here?

Is sweet spring here?

True it may be one day
filled with shining rays
of sunlight

but I delight
turning in tights for crops…

wearing only one top…


and pretending 50 degrees (10 C) is hot…


Today I tasted spring.

The morning was a long run. In this warmer weather I felt incredible. Cold weather takes it’s toll on the system, things take a while to warm up and sometimes they don’t stay warm or even get warm (i.e. quads, fingers, the nose…). Today affirmed that even though things may not feel like they work as well in the cold, they still work – so you still put in the work and well… it works.

My heart rate and pace were spot on and it felt ever so natural – almost magical. To be outside in a simple pair of crops and long sleeve top, to not have the bulk or fluff or extra what-ever, is freeing, calming and yes – birds really were singing.

I took down some serious nutrion post run (this is something I am learning and practicing with deliberation) and hit the gym for strength.

Even at the gym I couldn’t stay away from the sun so my new colleague Jim and I (I work at the gym now, Jim is one of the many talented trainers at the Kingsbury Club) brought our routine outside. Full body strength movements under the sun = awesome.

Again post strength nutrition consumed and back home to hop on the trainer. And that’s where it got tough. Today’s trainer workout was brutal but thanks to proper fueling, and a lot of heart, it was successful. Oh funny side story….check out what happened to my old road tire…it was on it’s way out when I put it on the trainer so I’m sort of not surprised….


I’ve got a new one now – Dwight at Bike Way recommended a Michelin Dynamic Sport in a 700×28 “slightly wider for the trainer” he said. Dwight’s been in the world of bikes for longer than I’ve been alive, I went with his recommendation (price point was on as well) and so far it’s provided a smooth and quite trainer ride.

Now that the work has been done, the fuel and ingredients to rebuild consumed, it’s time to sleep and wake up stronger.

❤ Rae

Where the magic happens…


I sit there. A lot.

I wrote words I like to see…

others did too…IMG_0575

My father planted seeds…

they sit to the right of my signs

and I will watch them as we grow…

as I ride into….

the field?


That’s where the magic happens.

But now, today’s work is done

so I feast…

And gives thanks.

❤ Rae

Small packages…


You really start to find how much you want something, how much you love it, when the going gets tough.

The past week has been dark, gloomy, cold rains and cold skies. I’ve developed a new tolerance for what is “cold” and found myself delighted by a 43(F) degree day with rain – I was warm the entire time.

For those of you running in gnarly wet weather – I can’t recommend Marmot’s Minimalist jacket enough (men’s version also available). It’s ridiculously lightweight and doesn’t let a drop of water in. The hood has a wide range of adjust-ability with pull down cinch cords and a strong yet flexible brim. Vents on the sides keep you from overheating as you build up your sweat. As far as sizing – small for me (just under 5’8″ (~172cm) roughly 132lbs (~60kg) fits perfectly. Enough room to layer still and my ridiculously long arms are actually covered by the sleeves! YES. I chose the radical neon green – love bright colors on dark days.

Though the days have been gray my heart has been bright. I’ve had strong focus and been met with unbelievable support from those around me and from those afar. They always say good things come in small packages… IMG_0542

Two very special people in my life seem to know exactly how to make my day. USPS love can make me smile no matter what. Aya is the extremely talented designer of Mau Mapu in Honolulu – that shirt is from her collection. It was sent to me with a note “so you never forget you have a home here” my heart burst with joy as my eyes filled with tears (Kim B. -that meant worlds). Also in the package – hard to see in the picture but if you look to the right you’ll notice some white stars and perhaps a Wonder Woman symbol…yeah those are Wonder Woman socks – complete with cape…look for those in future photos.

The second package contained 3 different weights of Super Bands!!! I LOVE super bands. Ideal for a wide variety of active isolated stretches and strength routines – as well as one of my all time favorite running drills seen towards the end of this video. The entire clip is informative and thoroughly breaks down the motion of running – the drill comes at ~ 6:12.


I leave you with the final beauty from Jack Frost a week back. I think it was his last visit. On my morning run I heard the birds and could taste spring – it’s coming.

Seize the day,