seas and peas..

March stormed in.
But it’s peacefully parting,
Giving way to splendid outdoor time…

IMG_0722 IMG_0721These are from my first ride outside! It was just a long cruise-ish ride but it was remarkable to feel pavement under my wheels. I found a route the rolled along the sea side. Faraway from the enchanting coasts of Hawaii – the east coast is picturesque in its beauty…


It was high 40s that day. 40 is the new 70 don’t you know?

*Note: if ever you need good gear for riding in cold weather check out Gore Bike Gear – their windstopper series is exceptional.  I know this only because a stellar friend lent me some of his gear to try – the gloves are a must.*

The end of March also marks the beginning of the garden..





I like the way my father gardens.
All things built by hand, all seeds sewn with passion.
He told me that peas can be planted early – that they will take root and sprout when the time is right…isn’t that a nice metaphoric filter to apply to life? 😉

By the way – the celery and peppers planted in February are sprouting..

IMG_0750Races are also starting to pop up. In fact – there is one next week. First triathlon of the season: Smithfield Sprint It will bring a lot of firsts:

First tri of the season
Frist tri with a pool swim (they call it a snake swim ??)
Frist tri in less than 70 degrees (anticipating high 50s low 60s)
First tri since the heart procedure

I will be far from fresh for this race. This has been a very challenging past 2 weeks.
I am looking forward to it nonetheless.
I love to race.

Sweet dreams,





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