Two weeks out…


Today was the “Run for Brenna 5k”. A very small race all in effort to support a family and their young daughter who is currently undergoing chemo. It was put on by the local Bourne fire fighters and the venu was beautiful.

IMG_0835We started infront of that bridge – an out and back on the very very windy Cape Cod Canal. The sunshine was epic despite the chilly temperature (45 F) and strong steady wind – but I think I can handle the cold now…

It was a small turn out, a little over 250. But there was a large portion of the group undoubtedly racing for Brenna – they were in jazzy pink tops with “For Brenna” written across the chests and backs. There were also many racing in tribute to those who experienced the unbelievable violence during the Boston Marathon.

Plymouth (where I live) is 45 minutes south of Boston. Though it’s not in the city, it is close enough to have felt strong reverberations from the attack. East Coast people are notoriously tough, and Bostonians (like many who live in large prominent cities) have a deep love and pride for their home and many who do not live in or even near the city have ties there and above all – have love for their fellow mankind.

I would like to take a moment to recognize and honor all those affected by the tragedy.
And, also take a moment to rejoice in the successful capture of the guilty and thank all those who risked their lives to do so.

The Bourne Fier Fighters had our flag raised high today. It was quite a site against such a pristine blue sky.

As for racing – I was pleased. The numbers looked good. A PR in the 5k had me smiling but more than that it was how I performed mentally. I was locked in – focused. I’ve been practicing my mental strength and it showed today. I dug in and raced well.

Knoxville is only two weeks out and I’m very very excited.

I’m also excited because Plymouth is coming alive…

IMG_0818The cranberries are looking beautiful

IMG_0819The fields are getting tilled….

IMG_0820And the Peas are popping up!!

we also planted potatoes…



I want to try and grow the purple Okinawan sweet potato but those may be better left for Hawaii….

And to all my friends in Hawaii who are racing and supporting the Lanikai Triathlon today: CONGRATULATIONS!
I miss you dearly and am cheering from far away!!



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