One week…

Yesterday marked one week out from Knoxville.

Saturday I put my last track workout in the bag. Afterward I was filled with strength – enough to put this out there: I have never felt more ready.

Between the guidance from my coach, the astounding bodywork from Dr. Jay Leith,  and the heart procedure, I’ve never felt more ready to go out there Sunday and give it everything I have.

Not to mention the incredible help from the folks at TYR! This showed up in the mail Friday…

IMG_0903When I heard a TYR Hurricane was coming I was ecstatic. When I opened the package and found it to be the Hurricane Freak of Nature – I was freaking out. A huge thank you to those who helped make this happen. It is unbelievable.

I tested it out under bright sun in a freezing pond in our state forest…



It is a remarkable piece of equipment.

I despise wetsuits, always finding they tug in weird ways and (the most FRUSTRATING part) alter your body  position in the water. I felt no difference in the Freak of Nature. None. That was the most shocking finding. Second to that, and not by much, was the flexibility and range of motion available to my arms!

You work so hard on your swim – the stroke technique, body position, timing – all of it – only to put on a wetsuit that restricts here and pulls there and alters your body mechanics… not the Freak of Nature. That suit is dialed. It also comes with a cleaning and patching kit to maintain the health and performance of this unique piece. Swim excitement and confidence is off the charts.


All the pieces are in place.

So last night I drove to Plymouth beach, the beach I grew up on.  I think it’s important to go to spots that ground you because when all is said and done there is more to life than sport.


IMG_0873I took deep breaths, tasting the fresh salty spring air and silently I gave thanks for this opportunity, for my health, my friends, and my family.

Tomorrow I fly to Knoxville.



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