Heating up…

The summer’s been heating up. New England heat is far different from the sweet sun of the islands. It’s oppressive. Sticky…but apparently the Hollyhocks take kindly to it…


Things are also heating up in the world of sport.

I have raced 3 races since my last update. These races have served the purpose of practice and practice is priceless.

Practicing race day preparation, mindset, nutrition, strategy, pre-race meals, sleep patterns…. each race presented different conditions and courses. Cohasset was an ocean swim with cool weather and the hilliest 5k I’ve ever ran. YMCA Old Colony was a pond swim and happened in the midst of the first heat wave of the summer. It also gave me the worst blister I’ve ever had.


(A beauty isn’t it? – how to heal it you ask? Hydrocolloid Bandaids, coconut oil, and      bone broth) 

Mill City Tri was a river swim with conditions much like that of Hawaii – minus the crystal blue sky, water, palm trees and wind.

The races were small – local kine. But I was pleased with my placings and pleased enough with my times. I was not rested nor dialed for any of these events because they were not the goal, it’s all part of the plan.

The goal is always put ahead and in front of me and that is what I chase. That is what I have patience for, what I am committed to, it’s what I hurt for.

Fine tuning for Worlds begins now. I’m ready for it. Intensity dial is up.





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