Race Week

Monday morning I woke and something had changed.
I had a lightness and excited confidence in my being.
The path ahead was crystal clear
I woke, and it was race week.

Tower Bridge

We’ve reached it. The final countdown.
A goal set over one year ago
Is within sight.

The core of me
The part that rules me during the race
is joyfully calm.

My body – it feels incredible
The downtime allotted
has worked out the kinks
I came here with.

The outskirts of me
The parts that coordinate
and carryout
the remaining
workouts, meetings, drop-offs, pick-ups, and general logistics
was starting to get very nervous.
But I made a rough spreadsheet

and now that part of me
Is feeling calm.

Sometimes I start thinking about how many other people I will be racing – and the caliber of the athletes – and I get nervous.
But that’s not helpful.
So I work to let go what I can not control
and instead replace it with visualizations of my race.

Like this:

That’s just before one of the turns heading out – right in front of Big Ben. And there I am – aero position…

It’s going to be a great race.
It’s bigger than I could have ever imagined.
Each country has it’s own time slot for packet pickup!
Actually the ITU just posted on Facebook a cool color coded world map of the distribution of teams and relative number of athletes.

view from Tower Bridge view from Tower Bridge IIThe weather has been incredible!!

Rainy lunchAaaaaannnnddd not so incredible (note: the food I am eating is what the English call a jacket potato – YUM).
Yesterday was a cold 14 C with pouring rain.
Either way – whatever the weather dishes – I’m pumped.

And so deeply grateful to be here.
To my family, friends, and incredible co-workers at the club:
Thank you.
Rest easy – 4 more nights.

To Heaver Castle






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