Inhale: goodness, joy, peace
Exhale: negativity, fear, doubt

Breath to Breath Evolve


Breath is metabolic fire.

It is the oxygen inhaled during each breath that metabolizes ingested food to produce usable energy. It’s every exhale that removes waste produced from these chemical reactions keeping our systems balanced.

Breath moves us from moment to moment and in each moment of breath we are gifted life.

Linking breath to life is a powerful practice of awareness. Consciously breathing tunes the mind to body and body to mind.

Too often we are distracted from our physical presence. The mind is often perceived to be riding high atop the body giving commands and making choices. Our minds are in control, our thoughts leading the way….we forget that our mind is just sitting in the dark.

The minds only connection to the outside world is through the body and what the body perceives. We are proprioceptive – sensory – beings. Sight, taste, touch, sound, smell…sense….our senses (our nervous system) picks up and sends information that is interpreted by the brain. Our bodies have just as much influence over the brain as our brain has over the body.

I view each rise and fall of the diaphragm as a chance to tune our minds and bodies so they may resonate in harmony, aware of their inseparable and recipricol nature.

Each breath is a moment and each moment presents us with choice. Through breath, through tuning in and integrating our whole beings we become more aware… with awareness we can evolve.

You can do this anywhere, at any time.

With a mantra,
like the one at the opening of this post,
or without.
You can follow the breath.

Sometimes I do this while sitting in class, while cooking dinner…running through the woods… Sometimes I’m moving my body in the gym (more on movement and breath to come in a later post – right now just find breath) or washing off the day during a shower.

When I breath I imagine my breath reaching all parts of my body. I feel it fill my chest and expand to my toes. I feel it rise to my neck, base of my skull, and behind my eyes…I breath to areas of tightness and tension and with each exhale I release.

Release that which no longer serves you.
Embrace all that does. 

It’s with this practice I recenter, recalibrate.

How dose this work for you?

Where can you find breath in your day?

Where in your body dose your breath move?

What do you need to inhale…what can you release with each exhale?







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